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TBH - I think the OP just wasn't thought out. I went to the BHA7 T site and it took me a minute to realize everything there was satire against ANTIFA.

Beverly Hills ANTIFA. Kinda like jumbo shrimp.

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more like:

Pizzagate = ' Hillary Clinton was running a child sex ring out of a basement of a DC pizza joint that has no basement '

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Haha - Except during tomato canning season, in which case they DO have a basement.

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limited hangout spoof

No brah, it's a straight up joke.

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Let's be clear, OP is a faggot forum slider.

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cunt has ALTS ^^

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first thing a real cunt does when they're losing; cry "cheater!"

"I can't be wrong here"

"Real people can't possibly be against MY OPINION"

"I'm an important avatar on a website"


Do you piss like a puppy when the door bell rings?

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They must be cover for the child pedophilia cult in ANTIFA(all those Mexican children trafficked up into California).

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Q also said Hillary would be in jail 2 years ago...hmmm

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provide that proof or shut up, hmmmmmm

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Guys, reposting old content isn't a big deal.

Right, @Crensch?

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is that /s ?

Because Soros IS FUNDING ANTIFA and this shit is a LIMITED HANGOUT to cover up that FACT.

It is quite a big deal, unless you're a stupid fuck who can't see it for what it is....

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@Crensch likes to report old content so people like him.

It gets him more points and if you have more points people like you more.

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No shit. Welcome to the real world...

[–] Oh_Well_ian [S] 3 points -2 points (+1|-3) ago 

shut up, you cunt.

You shills sure like the circle jerk, don't you?

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Your mom is the center of the circle jerk. Everyone is your enemy. All around you look... There is one now. Prepare to defend you honor.

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