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Well I know nothing about this whole sordid conversation.....change of subject, I heard this slip up by Nancy Pelosi regarding Hurricane Katrina which was very interesting. Sometimes the truth slips out about their man made disasters! - **( ff 5:50 mins ) PELOSI IS PISSED! NEVER THOUGHT MSNBC WOULD ASK HER THIS QUESTION! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OmRcE0vOE-U** @srayzie @Oh_Well_ian @think- @Vindicator @Blacksmith21

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Thank you so much for sharing this TrishaUK! I really like it. Can you believe it?

I love the departure from democratically towing the democratic party line.

It is sad the democrats have No message.

Democrats are for the people? She omitted the words Prey On!

Great job on this interviewer for. .. “What does that mean?

For the people having having lower health care costs,

Reducing the cost of prescription drugs

Democrats are for bigger paychecks? Wasn’t it Pelosi who compared what we all got back to Crumbs? Because with her millions what we make Is like crumbs to her?

By building infrastructure and Creating good paying jobs? Under her president who desperately tried to weaken the middles class. . .we had to create our own jobs.

For making governments work? Aren’t people like Pelosi always off on trips as people discuss her penchant for drinking even while on the plane?

By reducing the money of “big, dark politics?” She really is calling herself and deep state cronies out!

Impeeders are accusing the other side of blocking. . .Clean the Air? Should she be exposing their truth about the chemtrails?

Certainly did sound like more slips when she said to reduce the cost of prescription drugs for a second time after the freudian slip of clean the air!

They have unified because it came from the members? Are they reading the Q boards now about being unified and seeing a Patriotic concept they are going to try to attempt to assimilate?

Isn’t waiting until August to “road test” a little late?

It’s not that we don’t know what we stand.. .this was so unnatural the words just didn’t come out right. She needs to “Road Test” this some more.

Using the justification of How do we convey the message, but every day we have a fight?

She’s Just now realizing the Trump hate has limited mileage and people grow weary?

It is humorous they are figuring out their “dumbing down techniques” aren’t effective on enough people, so now they are taking a play from the common sense side!

Had to fight back some nasty stuff the Republicans had to meet the needs of the people?

Are you kidding me? Nasty stuff like Laws that protect We the People?

There she is. . .demonstrating once again she and her cohorts are all about others, even if they are Preying on others!

Well, she is Spot on about that. . .the differences between the Dems and Republicans certainly is Vast. Now in government. . .some of them are Just like ‘em in their corruption, but We the People Know Exactly What We Stand for and Who we Stand Against. .. their evil and They’re evil!

The budget? Who cripples and abuses that budget more. Can you believe she has the Nerve to talk about putting us in debt?

Typical Dam lies, deflect and trick others into doing their bidding!

I’ve heard people talk about medicaid and by what they say. ..they still pay a great deal to be covered.. . we don’t Need more of That!

The Bush thing is laughable when you understand how much of a sell out and the hands of the cabal they were a part of.

Oops with the man made Disaster as you pointed out TrishaUK! The corruption seemed hard to muddle through to when she's trying to spin her story!

Wasn't that useful how the "President's numbers went down. . .due to their Man Made Disaster?

Way to give away your play book Pelosi! Haarp to their rescue!

This was Very Good! The youtuber did great pointing out the Flint incident!

Collins. ..YIKES! Pelosi would know just a bit about Insider Trading!

I Do believe they're delusional, we All have to do Our part and get out there and Vote!

Thanks again for sharing this TrishaUK! Much appreciated!

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Fake and gay.

From the top comment:

Someone corrected me on this earlier. Its a parody group. If you look up Beverly Hills Antifa you will see. Or you can believe it. Whatever you like.

Also, this is over a year old. It's not even recent news, so one has to wonder what you're trying to accomplish by spreading around outdated and false information.

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The most Glaring Evidence is Q spoke Directly about this GROUP!

Qanon August 19 drop Directly Related Here

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