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As your attorney, I advise you to take a hit out of the little brown bottle in my shaving kit. You won't need much, just a tiny taste.

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Why do you say that? 🤔

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its a quote. Fear and Loathing in LV?

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This whole thing is ridiculous. I mean, nothings unusual about McCain's 106 yo mother being at his funeral. Or the fact that McCain, Beau Biden AND Ted Kennedy all died of gioblastoma (sp) - a brain cancer so rare it has a rate of incidence of ~3 in 100,000. Or the number of octogenarians who are still in office. Nothing to see here.

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So glad you mentioned this. I was astonished to see a photo of McCain’s mother earlier today with the caption that she is 106 years old.
https:// people.com/politics/john-mccain-death-mother-roberta-proud-legacy/

She looks damned good for 106, lol. And BTW, there are quite a few supercentenarians in the US, in fact more people are living longer, so I guess it might be rare, but it is not impossible: https:// en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_supercentenarians_from_the_United_States

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It's not impossible, but look at the percentage of geriatrics in US Congress. 106 and doesn't look a day over 90.

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The problem with this theory is adrenaline has been available from a synthetic source since the early 1900's. Doctors usually call it epinephrine, it's used in emergency rooms everywhere.

Pulp Fiction https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZOoJoTAXDPk

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While epinephrine is similar to Adrenochrome, the Pineal Gland of a full term fetus and a developed child are worlds apart. Even more after sexual maturity through old age with dementia.

If you drain a newborn baby of blood and the recipient is suffering the affect of old age they will "feel" 30+ years younger. You think that's bullshit? The Nazis documented this and the Japanese verified the same experiments. It's been around since the late seventies for the filthy rich and now any human trafficker can afford the monthly blood infusion. Hell they do it as dialysis if you know who to grease.

It will NOT reverse aging "much", but it will retard the aging process and the healing properties have been verified back during the last great war. What was also found from the War experiments is a full term child can keep a dying mother alive longer than our modern doctors can "legally" verify for peer review.

But we have documented the unusual activity of the Pineal Gland that a Mother and child produce. Yet the fetus production of oxidized adrenaline is not even close to artificial epinephrine. In fact the difference between chemical make up of Adrenochrome from a (stressed) mother and her fetus is night and day. It's like a birthing mothers adrenaline is stripped of what is considered the healing factors of the Pineal Gland which go into over drive for the new born.

If you physically stress the mother to the point of shock and near death the fetus strips the mother's adrenaline to the point the host shuts down until the child dies. But the "soon to be dead" child's Adrenochrome has a small window (time and element sensitive) were cell regeneration can be (and has been) documented. Just not legally put to paper for peer review.

Once fortified Adrenochrome is removed from the "still warm" child it loses the potency with in hours. The same potency that makes it worth more than wealth and power to the dying. So far synthesizing this organic chemical reaction of child birth has not happened.

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You are ignoring the ritual aspects of it.

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People have killed for far less. Attach a scary name to a well known hormone, tell them to sacrifice a child to Moloch, use pseudo-science to get someone to drink the blood of decapitated infants for immortality... but the science is a lie, for those who follow the father of lies.

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I think the point is that the sick elite do horrible things to terrify the person to make it stronger I guess.

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Adrenochrome (alternatively called Neuromelanin) is the drug of choice among the most elite members of society. It is extracted through the oxidization of human adrenaline and is injected.

There's like three things wrong here.

Neuromelanin is a separate substance from adrenochrome.

It's not the drug of choice of anyone.

This setence is scientifically incoherent: It is extracted through the oxidization of human adrenaline. That is not even describing an extraction method. Adrenochrome IS the oxidization of adrenaline. That's how it's created. Exposing adrenaline to oxygen will give you adrenochrome.

It exists in the human body. However you don't have to extract it from a human to get it. You can make it a lab. You can buy it from medical suppliers. People don't use it to get high. There's a few reports of folks who have taken medical adrenochrome to try to get high and they say it sucks and no one would use it over actual drugs. Adrenochrome is used to prevent serious bleeding in some patients.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is the book/movie that keeps the adrenochrome myth alive. It features a fictional account of a drug binge. Adrenochrome is used as the example of the secret ultra drug...the furthest you can go. It's not real. At one point he walks into a Las Vegas lounge and the "lounge lizards" become real lizards. The myth probably started with Aldous Huxley's book, Doors of Perception

The myth of extracted adrenochrome from humans is probably impossible because adrenochrome breaks down into other substance very fast when exposed to light or moisture, even the humidity in air will break it down.

By the way, look at what some joker put on the Adrenochrome wiki page.

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You seriously need to look into the Illuminati. These freaks do that. They want it from human blood. It’s probably symbolic. They prefer young children. Pizzagate has been researching this for more than a year and a half. It’s real.

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You seriously need to look into the Illuminati

You mean a bunch of dead Bavarians. No thanks.

This two sentences don't make sense together.

Pizzagate has been researching this for more than a year and a half. It’s real.

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Also research royal/elite families’ blood types , and alleged incidence of porphyria: “Porphyria is a group of diseases that are due to the deficiency of one of the enzymes needed to make an important substance in the body called heme. Porphyrias are often classified as acute or cutaneous. Acute types of porphyria affect the nervous system, whereas cutaneous types mainly affect the skin. Most porphyrias are inherited disorders. People with cutaneous forms of porphyria develop blisters, itching, and swelling of their skin when it is exposed to sunlight. Those with acute forms of porphyria develop numbness, tingling, paralysis, cramping, vomiting, constipation, personality changes or mental disorders, and/or pain in the abdomen, chest, limbs, or back.” (https:// www.medicinenet.com/porphyria/article.htm#porphyria_facts). No cure exists, but many patients need injections of “heme” which in protein as part of hemoglobin gives your blood the ability to carry oxygen throughout your body.

Curiously, this article about a product created as an alternative to meat mentions heme as the magic ingredient that makes meat so delicious: https:// medium.com/impossible-foods/heme-health-the-essentials-95201e5afffa

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I have to admit. Knight's post is pretty good. He's taking the conversation farther and will take us closer to the truth. In my inexperienced opinion, there's probably a huge difference between synthetic "adrenochrome" and the stuff extracted through the deep states's rituals. I mean, look at weed. Huge difference between the fake and real stuff.

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