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I don’t think he was dead a month ago and Q made a statement “he did not go on his own terms”, which leads me to think assisted suicide, or a quiet execution.

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Assisted suicide is still ones own terms I think.

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Quiet death on our exact schedule is probably not on his terms.

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sorry, forced suicide.

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I think he was brain dead at least 4 months, I'm sure he didn't want his body used as a political puppet, that probably is what Q meant by "not on his own terms". He probably had a colostomy when they were claiming minor diverticulitis, so 24/7 unable to eat or control bowels in April. Long before he supposedly made statements about Trump meeting with Putin. Brain cancer sucks, not a good way to go.

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I’ll definitely take it into consideration since it’s plausible, and I’ve been proven wrong on numerous times, but many of his posts of wellness has been from family. I just don’t think they would dupe other family members and friends to cover for a brain dead McCain.

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@Are_we_sure I would like you to explain this one away. How could a LARP do this?

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It's pretty clear that he didn't. Don't you ever fact check this nonsense?

You really should check the math, it's pretty simple in this case. Count the days.

And My God

My guess is that John McCain died over a month ago and everything was coordinated to be released at exactly the time that it was. If this doesn’t prove that Q is working with Trump. I don’t know what will!

Do you realize that your guess is insane? Do you have no concern for you mental health? Because you train your brain to get worse.

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Do you ever pay attention to how Q works? For someone who thinks he’s so smart, you sick at decoding Q’s messages. This has been going on since the end of October. He’s not going to just say it. Plausible deniability homo. All the numbers line up, including National dog day.

You think you are smarter than these high IQ autists on the chans? Of course we sound crazy. You’ve been brainwashed your whole life. You’re still standing in line with the sheep. Either that, or ((( you ))) just choose to be a horrible person and lie to the American people.


@Bopper you are apparently a conspiracy theorist. 🙄

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31 days, but who's counting. Close enough. So many proofs in one set:

-Every dog has his day

-No name



I wonder when his trial was? Do ankle bracelets cause cancer?

And would somebody please let that darn sink in?

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Can we get some sense here? I've found this on ncbi page, stating that exact date and time is decided by dying person and/or his family:

If autonomy is a highly valued principle, it is logical that patients, especially, and possibly family, should have the right to participate in all end-of-life decisions. Why should the most crucial end-of-life decision be arbitrarily barred? The criminalizing of physician-assisted suicide is effectively a prohibition of suicide for many terminally ill patients. The judges held that the liberty interest should allow competent, terminally ill patients the right to choose the time and manner of their death. They considered that adequately rigorous safeguards could be implemented in the decision process to prevent abuse.

If you agree that this is true, that means McCain or his most closest ones decided the date and time of official death, and because of legal matters, decision was made perhaps exactly one month prior to this decided time of death.

So, Q can know exact time and day only, if he IS a member of McCain inner circle. No? Do you have explanation, how else could he know? You don't believe that he is clairvoyant or that McCain doctors or someone else from that inner circle would babble around about such important thing?

It's nice that you are doing all this research but don't fall in a trap to unconditionally believe things. please.

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I think he died a month ago and that they planned on which day to announce it for one reason or another.

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Ok srayzie, in this case it's more likely that such info would reach more people, including Q.

I just want to state that with elite medical support you can calculate when it is time to go - advanced glioblastoma causes horrible symptomes/conditions when brain is pressed, so I have no doubt that he got assisted suicide and timely decision when it should happen by his very inner circle. My problem is that this could be exploited by this inner circle to even more deeply convince that Q is worthy of believing him unconditionally.

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Wow, you know. Just happening! Was there a trial, was this a sentence? If they let Obama live are they going to give him a messed up public sentence? Is Obama really going to be forced to claim Kenyan citizenship? Can you imagine?

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I think Obama tried when he last went to Kenya.

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lethal injection

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You are correct. UCMJ currently only allows for capital punishment by lethal injection.

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Does it mean that military tribunals are operating at the very moment ?

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