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Gotcha. You don't listen? Do you know anything about that group?


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I only do if I’m not able to read the posts. Like driving or something. I don’t know. I kind of started backing away with the whole Jerome Corsi thing. It made me wonder if they are just playing like they don’t like each other. I don’t trust them. It’s weird to me that their YouTube channels aren’t shut down. Jerome Corsi’s too.


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Ah, yes. The Corsi thing. They were discussing it the other day. They said that Corsi reached out to them afte AJ got banned. Lol.

I wonder if there is more to it then we are led to believe. It is so easy to fool people, and I am cautious of all now.

Two of them were recently doxxed by MSNBC, but I did not look into it.

I was just wondering if you had the inside scoop, like maybe it is a money making scam or something.