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I have not seen even one Q follower awakened.

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This is old news. Why is Q posting now?

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More importantly, I haven't seen one big arrest.

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Right. So Bronfman of Bronfman Rothschild is a minnow

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Cause we were ahead of the game. We went though shit trying to digest this - remember? It's other peoples turn now, and it's our turn to explain what the fuck has been going down the past couple years!

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Do you feel it's effective?

What do you say about videos like this?


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A very large part of me wants Q to be fake. I don't want babies to be food

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Babies have been eaten since the fall of man my friend.

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The human sacrifice drops that Q said were coming? "We haven't begun the drops concerning human sacrifie yet." (Paraphrase.)

"The choice to know will be yours."

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Did Q say human sacrifice?

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Yes, that or something very similar. If you find it or come across it you can let me know maybe.

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....got IT!!!

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https://snew.github.io/r/greatawakening/comments/96tlyp/unbelievable_i_was_reading_a_tweet_from_jordan) :

Unbelievable! I was reading a tweet from Jordan Sather and saw this posted from a response. I looked up Rainn Wilson and found he and wife's foundation in Haiti for disadvantaged girls. No more coincidences are there? : greatawakening

https://archive.fo/BkFfI :


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