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something tells me if a psychologist ran you through a 20 - image Rorschach test, you'd have the same one word answer for every one

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Gunn is Jewish on his mother's side. He's confirmed it himself.

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yeah. "Jew"

[–] MolochHunter [S] 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

you know, its shit like that that makes it so obvious you are a David Brock / Soros paid shill to make these pages appear to be populated with genocidal freaks to scare away reasonable people

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Hey Fire, if you see a person on TV, there's probably a 70% chance he's a Jew. I'm guessing the percentage is higher in professions like banking (the higher ups) and lawyering. Physicians used to be mostly Jews. Hey, a Jew might have delivered you to this earth. If you say Jew enough, you're going to be right a lot of the time. Edit: One thing I can tell you is that your jewish doctor did not get into med school with half-assed grades and affirmative action.