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Hahahaha "Bill I'd stay away from wearing ties and doorknobs if I were you, You might be a loose end that needs cleaning up by someone"

from ElementGeek.

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I'd totally believe him dying that way though. Seems like the type.

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Wow, incredible find!

Their feud goes way back.

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Is Gunn a Jew? If he's working in jewlywood and his brother is a joke writer (code for Jew) for a Jew comedian/mockingbird agent then he's gotta be a Jew.

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He was raised in his Irish-American father's Roman Catholic religion. Until his early teens, he was unaware that his mother, whose family was from Hungary,[10] was Jewish.[11][12][13] Owing to his disagreement with the Catholic Church's doctrine about birth control, Maher's father stopped taking Maher and his sister to Catholic church services when Maher was thirteen

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Jew is a race, not a religion. That's why he's such a lying degenerate fucking faggot all the time. It's in his blood.

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https://archive.fo/MILBk :

Bill Maher on Twitter: "I, Q, need your help to "Make America Great Again!" Keep posting your memes. Keep believing everything Trump tells you. And, above all, on Tuesday, November 6, stay at home. #WeAreQ #IAmQ #MAGA #QAnon… t.co/Jl1YspbCxd"

https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=xugptrvoVtc&feature=youtu.be :

Bill Maher explodes Donald Trump - YouTube

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