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So the fire alarms weren't going off, or this guy was ignoring them, or high, and Cohen heard about the fire and called his "friend" that he knew lived there?

Cohen's drug using, gay, celebrity friend. Yeah, that's judgmental of me and judgment isn't a quality anyone should forsake. Cohen's got a lot not right going on.


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There allegedly were no alarms or evacuations and the front desk wasn't answering calls. Something about the age of the building made it so a sprinkler system was not required by law for upper floors. It also smelled like sulfur.

Oh. And some firefighters and secret service went into Trumps residence on another floor to "see if the fire had reached the unit."



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Their saying now that he died of an oxycodone overdose


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https://archive.fo/x783G :

President's lawyer to Bethenny Frankel's partner: Evacuate Trump Tower as fatal fire raged | Daily Mail Online

https://archive.fo/ZQNuq :

'RHONY' star Bethenny Frankel's ex- boyfriend found dead in NYC

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Anyone know anything else about this guy?


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Mr. Dennis Shields

  • Co-Founded YieldStreet, Inc. in 2014 and was serving as its Chairman and Chief Evangelist.
  • Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Westbury Management Group.
  • Founded Esquire Bank, February 2000

  • Was Chief Executive Officer of Plaintiff Funding Corporation since 2000, which he Co-founded in 2000.

  • Was serving as Executive Chairman of Esquire Financial Holdings, Inc. and had been its Director since 2006.
  • Mr. Shields served as Executive Vice President of Complete Management, Inc. He has been the pioneer in specialty financing for over 20 years.
  • He served as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Health Shield Capital Corporation from June 1996 to May 2002. He was Founder of Health Shield.
  • Mr. Shields served as a Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Medical Management Inc. from 1992 to 1996.
  • Was serving as Chairman of the Board for Esquire Bank and LawCash.
  • He served as a Co-Chairman at Esquire Bank. He served as a Vice Chairman of Esquire Bank.
  • Mr. Shields has been Director of Plaintiff Funding Corporation since 2000.
  • He served as a Director of Medical Management Inc. from 1992 to 1996.
  • He is (was) a 2-term lay member of the Grievance Committee of the Bar Association in the Second and Eleventh Judicial Departments in New York.
  • He is considered a visionary and has made over 25 investments. A published author of 2 books, an actor and a philanthropist.


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"The police said it appeared Mr. Shields had taken too much of the painkiller OxyContin, but a spokeswoman at the medical examiner’s office said a cause of death had not been determined. It remained unclear if the drug was prescribed to Mr. Shields or not."

I guess I meant to ask, why would anyone want him dead?


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I think you're making this all a bit complicated. Friend of Michael Cohen died is the basic gist.

The fire from a few months ago had nothing to do with him and the fire didn't even threaten anyone beyond the floor the fire was on.


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Of course. Your job is to disagree with anyone that is on the right. That’s why share blue hired a left leaning cunt.