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I disagree. We don’t settle. This is how we catch the big fish...

Why no big arrests yet? - Mass Deep State Arrests & Military Tribunals do not take affect until Jan 2019

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How big? After I posted this I spent some time in deep and deep nasty thoughts and realized that shit is seriously fucked up! It’s beyond pedo level.

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Whoever said that this was just pizzagate? Q is a broad range. I know about the Illuminati, NWO, child sacrifice, organ harvesting, and whole lot of horrible other things. This is what we learned in pizzagate. Q is expanding things to include even more. So I don’t know why you think it’s only pedogate that we’re focused on.

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All this has happened before (in eastern europe) and will happen again.

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I agree that there's no way for the evil in the hearts of men to be defeated permanently. They'll get to the point where they'll watch and wait to start this shit all over.

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This is my end point. They will retreat and profit off Trump. When he’s out for sure they will cause an economic collapse and continue the refugees.

Getting education changed and normies aware is really important!

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Once the names are known, they will be relentlessly pursued. I do not believe, at this point, Trump has any intention of letting those at the top escape justice. A year ago, I'd have thought that. But there is too much happening. Too much evil being exposed. Unless you fully excise the cancer, it will metastasize again, like you say.

Education reform is extremely important. Most won't and never will, understand.

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I thought that was part of the deal with The Great Awakening...no matter what, we need to move the massess to action...to take responsibility and accountability...

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I don’t know there manifesto nor was involved when they kicked off. This is just what I think.

You could be right and that would be awesome!