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The waiting is just infuriating though. Hopefully the day of the rope will be the reward for the great frustration being felt fight now.

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I had NO clue about anything political or even Trump when I came across this prophesy on the internet around April 2016, in fact I barely went on the internet at all - BUT since then I have been amazed at what God has done and how much I have learned. All I did was start to pray for this Trump guy I believed God wanted as president of the USA! Because of your comment above, I remembered Mark Taylor saying something about 'Military Style Tribunals' to deal with the corruption, which is why I am posting this, and this was said even before Trump was elected President! (@ 12:20 mins) But PLEASE treat yourself and listen to the whole 25 mins it will encourage and build faith that these sickos are going to finally be held accountable for what they have done. - Mark Taylor Prophecy August 5, 2018 – TRUMP WILL HAVE A VISITATION FROM HEAVEN – Mark Taylor - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oSKgiuY4iAA @Gothamgirl @pooploser @think- @srayzie - Whether or not you believe in God and prophesy, these are very compelling words, especially considering many of them are coming true, especially regarding the Supreme Court and Presidents dying (Bush Snr down another to go!) - Just need Ginsberg off the Supreme Court she supports evil, one example: wanting the age of sex to be lowered to 12 years old!

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Yes I believe he was god sent, and I think we have each been choosen too.

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TrishaUK . . .You speak Truth!

Common Sense shows us the Court System is owned. Of course a different method of holding such entrenched criminals with a literal posse is required for justice to be served!

Anyone even a tenth awakened can hear with their ears and see with their own eyes that Trump speaks in Direct Opposition to the evil controllers, those who have been infiltrating our government for years under the pretense of just multiculturalism, acceptance and kindess!

Isn't that what their father always has done? The greatest deceiver of all Always cloaks his actions and motives in do gooder rhetoric!

This style of delivery brings them all in, in droves because it coats and distracts their jarred conscience just enough to start believing the lie that their wickedness isn't just okay, but they start to believe they are saving the world, while abusing the system and humanity even down to our most innocent! That is how they live with themselves and justify it!

I jumped on the Trump Train well before it was popular. Very few people actually like Truth and even fewer really face the Brunt of the cold, hard truth. All it encompasses is Never Pleasant, so I get it, people appreciate being coaxed and coddled. I saw right off , just as I know many on this platform did, that Cruz would not be able to handle the vitriol and depth of diabolical evil coming from the controllers.

In spite of having even family on the side of Good turn against me, I couldn't help but be grateful for someone like Trump, who could take them on!

I Still can't Believe in the face of All the Evidence of Trump's taking these evil ones down, pretty much methodically, people are Too Arrogant to Admit They were Wrong! It is such a human flaw we all fall prey to at times, so not meaning to judge, we are all susceptible.

The truth is blatant and Trump is No different from the fact that Many, many times God chose people to lead who were far less than perfect or not even commendable. For crying out loud. . .Paul (Saul) in his day was no different than Soros! Killed Christians, had them murdered! Why do they forget? It is God's power and doing through whom He chooses, not man's decision to flounder and fight until they choose who they think is Best for the job! Really, because how has That worked so Far?

Man's ways are Not God's ways! How do we identify them as from God? The fruit! You search, be discerning, Stay Awake!

We all know what King David did! Yes, he was that meek and mild singing and skipping his way through the fields as a shepherd boy once, but the position of power God elevated him to, he abused by giving in to temptations which didn't just involve his voyeurism vice, but involved murder in an effort to cover his sins and crimes.

The question is. . .Did God Still Use Him? YES! Did God forgive him? YES!

Is Trump flawed? Did he make past mistakes? YES! Are his mistakes greater than mine or yours? Does God categorize sin?

No, man categorizes sin, God Does NOT! . How do I know? As far as the east is from the west. God didn't give an unless or a starred list of exemptions!

Does Trump speak Against God or For God? I mean our President Trump literally brought Christmas Back and these people are Still of little faith and putting him down. He takes no salary! He could be enjoying his golden years and not constantly fielding all these attacks, barbs and reminders of who he used to be, and many past and current are unfounded with Zero proof! Hasn't that been the MO of the cabal and their mockingbird media for Years? Why do people fall prey to it?

If he's putting on a show. . .well, it's a bang up show and I'll take tickets because No One else has taken the pedos on Like Trump!

You take a Child Defiler down, I will back you until the cows come home! I will Stand United with You! Trump is nothing short of a HERO to these little ones and to All of Those who have been abused by them and grow up! They grow up, but the evil never Stops trying to overshadow them!

He Does what he says or at least strives Very hard to follow through!

Such little patience! These criminals will be dealt with in due time, but not so quick just to satisfy naysayers! Trump is Not about popularity. . .he is about action, justice and he will not sacrifice rounding a few high ranking up for tribunals before there is enough time to gather as many connected to them as possible!

Free Mason roots. ..who did the white hats have to mix with in order to get inside info? Did they have to give the air that they were going along at times while gathering their information stealthily until they could make their move?

Did God lead and have his leaders orchestrate counter intelligence? Battle of Jericho, land of the Canaanites! Moses gathering intel on the Pharaoh!

Who are We to question God Almighty's motives? I see passages that state God doesn't want His little ones harmed! Based on just this One Very Vital Point. ..Trump is doing God's Work! No One else has ever done it on such a large scale or in a place of power (obstructed, attempt to trip him up. . .but Still moving forward).

Those who attempted before him were picked off or in those like Reagan's case, he was stopped and brought in!

I think Most telling is the fact they. ..the cabal have made it Very Clear they want him impeached or even dead! They have done All manner of vile things and spewed incredible vitriol! People who generally Get What They Want, haven't been able to, WHY?

They conduct themselves like the forces of hell in actions and speech, but Trump stays protected! Does that Not show the Hand of a Higher Power? Just think of All the cabal's connections, manipulations and all whom they have picked off! Don't you think if they Really were able, they would Stop Trump?

God's Hand, God's Protection! People should heed God's warning!

Psalm 105:15. . .Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm.

You are so right TrishaUK, Ginsberg has been helping them for decades! She consistently furthers their pedo agenda and aides orgs like Nambla and heart progress. SICK!

God bless you TrishaUK, Srayzie, Russianbots, Crazy_Eyes, Gothamgirl and all those here Taking a STAND! You Are the Fight For Good and sorely Needed Right at this moment in Time! Carry on Fine Patriots! Carry On!

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I totally believe that Trump is a God send. I’ll check it out. You should check out the pastor Paul Begley on youtube, I love him! He’s hilarious. He focuses on prophesy and is redpilled about the Illuminati. I think you would really like him. I’ll check out that video!

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He should just send the Clintons to Clinton Penitentiary, general population, no bail 😄 they will never make it to trial.

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This is the first time I’ve ever seen you make a little joke. You used a smiley face. I love it. You’re usually so serious! 👏🏻

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Hahaha serious about the kids some of this stuff makes me want to kill-a-man. Yes I have jokes.

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I've posted this thread onto Twitter, and I was given a question I was unable to answer. I will copy/paste:

Help me understand. It says twice, "offenses committed on or after Jan 2019". That tells me it's not for past offenses? I hope I'm wrong but want to understand, if you have some knowledge on this....Thanx!

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I haven’t talked to you in a long time! Xo

I’ll have to look to make sure later. Every site talked like that wasn’t the case. During summer vacation, my sleeping schedule is whacked. I’ve been up since last night. I’ll be crashing soon.

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I know! It's been a while! Once I recognized your username in this subverse, I decided to stick around and get a little cozy. :D

& No worries, no need to explain! I wasn't able to sleep last night either, so I'm slugging along right there with you! WWG1WGA! Patriots don't sleep! :D

It was nice running into you again! Sleep well! <3

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Awesome post as always @srayzie

Don't forget, ISIS has been effectively dismantled, the Saudi Arabian purge occurred, not only are jobs up/but wages too, tax bill was passed, 2 SCOTUS appointments, tons of Federal appointments, 5 for 5 on the mid-terms, a silently strong approval rating, and we're finally beginning to see a reduction in our deficit!

Because... Russia?

These people are stupid.

Thanks for this!

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Yes! So many amazing things have happened. You’re welcome :)

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ISIS has been effectively dismantled

The downfall of ISIS was evident way before Trump took office. He didn't change personnel or strategy. A coalition was put together to roll back ISIS to its two strongholds, Raqqa in Syria and Mosul in Iraq in simultaneous battles so ISIS had no where to run to. The strategy was go slow and hold territory with local forces with the US and others providing Special Ops and Air Power. Trump changed nothing about that. The guy who was in charge of this multinational effort was Brett McGurk, the Special Presidential Envoy for Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS. He was appointed in 2015 and is still on the job. The battle for the Mosul begin in Oct 2016. The battle for Raqqa began in November 2016.

not only are jobs up/but wages too,

The average monthly job increase under Trump is below the average of Obama's last few years


and unfortunately prices are rising higher than wages

Consider that, while average hourly earnings are growing at an annual rate of 2.7%, the consumer price index for the 12 months that ended June 30 was up 2.9%. That means the purchasing power of Americans went down during that period.

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The record number of sealed indictments certainly indicates something interesting coming. I am still hopeful it is going to be good.

I have two questions, perhaps some has an answer: 1. Would a military court issue a sealed indictment through the standard court system? I assumed they were independent and that was the premise with this post. 2. Q has said there are less than 10 people in the know, or maybe just on the team. Regardless, if the 45,000 indictments are all related, that's impressive for such a small team.

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Remember one sealed indictment can include

multiple names. And the indictment is sealed in the Federal

District where the indictee resides / lives (not where the crime was


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Yes to the "standard sealed indictment" can be or is used in military court? Do you have any layman links that describe this process?

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I’m not sure about that one. But many of those sealed indictments could be MS-13 and lower level type criminals. I think the military tribunals are for the big fish.

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I can follow the big fish being reserved for the military. This massive number of indictments is really my biggest point to question this movement. How it can be a handful of insiders against the deep state making these massive moves. Just filling all the paperwork would take an army of bureaucrats, I'm trying to make the practical connections and not just lean on what I know needs to be done.

The progress so far is incredible. So much that I kind of feel bad for voicing my doubts. It will be a great feeling when the history books are rewritten.

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Regardless, if the 45,000 indictments are all related, that's impressive for such a small team.

Have you tried working out the math on this?

An indictment means it went to a grand jury. The Constitution says that serious crimes require a grand jury indictment.

How long do you think it takes from getting information to presenting it to the grand jury and them voting a "true bill" on the info and writing up an indictment? If one person was able to do all that by themselves and complete an incredible 5 indictments a day. It would take 2.5 years for a group of 10. In reality, indictments go through many people and almost never take a single day from evidence to indictment.

The answer to this puzzle is there are not 45,000 sealed indictments. People are counting every type of sealed court document and there are many, many types of documents that get sealed as sealed indictments.

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I don’t see how anyone can say that nothing is being done.

Nothing is being done about the education sector or the information sector. Taking out NXIVM was a big hit, but other than that Trump has been nibbling around the edges of a beast that is growing exponentially. Arresting Alwaleed was another big hit, but we never took advantage of it to strike at his forces. We could have cited his connection to 9/11 and seized his American assets after the Saudis arrested him, but we didn't. His people are still running Big Tech. There are many more missed opportunities.

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Beast grows exponentially, but how many actual child raping satanists are there compared to the whole population? We only need to eradicate maybe 1% of the population. Not out of reach imo.

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Here's your assignment @arvee - Tell me a little bit about the Secretary of Ed. And a little more about the current state of Common Core aka "Deep State Re-education Curricula."

[–] Arrvee 1 points 3 points (+4|-1) ago  (edited ago)

The Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, is the sister of the head of Blackwater. Common Core was created by the Carnegie Corporation whose board includes at least two Qatar Foundation board members and a Rothschild operative. DeVos could issue a recommendation to stop using Common Core due to the foreign influence, but she hasn't.

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upvoated, but you're incorrect.

the agreements made with Prince Mohammed Bin Salman are having MASSIVE ramifications in the middle east. SA is now in charge of turning Yemen into a sheet of glass. They're also attacking in syria (@ThomasWictor has done tons of analysis on this).

In addition, Al-Waleed's "forces" were all arrested with him. They didn't have 6 billion dollars to buy their freedom, so they're all either still incarcerated, or executed. Antifa is just a temp agency, working under contract.

As for "Big Tech" (does anyone hate all these "Big X" orwellian newspeak terms?), Bin Talal was the largest individual shareholder in only twitter, a CIA asset. his stock in Facebook was negligible for leverage. As all of them are complicit in major crimes, they all have individual reasons to fight against Trump shining light into everything. They're no longer doing it to stop Trump; they're doing it to stay alive.

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Is it really fair to expect Trump (or the government) to fix everything? Isn't this how we got here in the first place?

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You're completely right! Trump can only do so much, it's up to the rest of us to get things done and not sit back like children

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You have a few things wrong, IMO, which may need clarification.

Military tribunals can only be performed if you can prove the civilian courts are corrupt, which they may be able to do with FISA report, and recent cases involving antifa protestors.

Also, your “notes” are just underlining dates and not the relevant details associated with the dates. Some required for events to occur after the date to charges applied after the date. According to that update, arrests and trials can start now and charges applied after the new year.

[–] srayzie [S] 1 points 1 points (+2|-1) ago 

The dates are showing the date I mentioned. I gave a link so you can read it yourselves. Things are different when you declare martial law.

[–] GoodGodKirk 1 points 0 points (+1|-1) ago 

Could use colors to associate the details with the dates so it all makes a little more sense. From what I’ve read, they can arrest now, have trials, and set the punishment for after Jan 1, when this goes into affect.

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Late to the party. Good to see a timeline. It's going to be a terrible Christmas for some people.

[–] srayzie [S] 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

I hope so lol

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