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That is one AP wire story. The 4AM orders come across as different stories by different writers.

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another low effort and deceptive post from the OP

Common knowledge how the MSM picks AP wire stories

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Yes ... but you're missing the wider picture here ...

The AP and Reuters (the two main sources for MSM "news") are both owned by the Rothschild family.

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@dooob Seriously dipshit... Why are you leaving this up? Is it because it's on the front page of Voat and stacking up views and upvoats? Or is it because you know it's DISINFORMATION AND PROVABLY FALSE?

This is a VERY IMPORTANT concept that Q is drawing eyes to and you appear to be deliberately misleading newbies. What the fuck is wrong with you?

@bopper @Crensch @Blacksmith21

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Can you explain what you mean?

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The Associated Press, Reuters, UPI, and other wire services send stories out to subscribing newspapers which reprint the story. They are all the same report by the same author, and the newspapers credit the wire service. There is nothing nefarious about it.

The "4AM memo" stories that we are looking for will be a dozen or so different stories credited to different authors that all say the same phrase or carry the same narrative and that all come out in a 24-48 hour period. Sometimes they stagger them across several days.

The "Gamers Are Dead" stories might be the canonical example.

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I will... numerous AP wire stories go out to scores of news outlets at once every day, many times a day. The headline and body is always the same, baring revisions by the receiver. This practice goes back over 50 years, at least.

QAnon talks about 4am talking points in numerous posts. He means there is a conduit between the clowns at the CIA and MSM sources that pick up the CIA narrative. He is implying that he has proof of an established Mockingbird Media that Intelligence Services are in control of, basically proof of the Deep State. It's a big deal.

Dooob is posting this crap that can be debunked at a glance, and calling it proof of a Mockingbird Media. LAME

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The people are hungry for real news. Not the MSM bull shit.

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People holding signs at rallies. Nothing more.

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jus like muh dick

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Interesting comments, attacks from all sides.

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every one is a shill but you, right faggot ?

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Back your claims up. Every link I pasted shows multiple subversions of yours. What do you have on me? Only rumors you made up.

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Those nasty white supremacist just get together during Trump rallies and start making up conspiracy theories!

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huh... seems coordinated. ;)

all the shills coming out on twatter too.

I can't figure out why people who claim to be for-Trump are so bent out of shape since Q is getting MSM attention.

if Q has no link to Trump, it still has the lefTards busy freaking and that is a good thing.


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Why does this fake shit have so many upvotes?

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@dooob knows what he is doing


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Where are doobs upvotes coming from, we never get that many here.

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@Oh_Well_ian has still not explained what did Q mean by this drop?

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Once again you are caught spreading disinformation. How many times are needed, @srayzie?

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