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It says I have to give twitter my phone number to make a new account, HELL NO. Is that normal now?

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Never asked me that and I live in the UK. Maybe because you don't have a twitter account? No you did the right thing not to give any info. I hate all this 'new protection' give us your details!

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Look at all those filthy casuals in the comments. "Having fun with this." People have died already. Many have lost much and this is just a pastime to them.

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Sadly they are part of the problem, members of the swamp. They enjoy the filth and suffering and have no conscience or sole, so we don't expect anything else from them. They are like a deep, dark, black hole when exposed by the light of truth. There is no happy ending for them so we should feel sorry for them. (especially since they hate that hahahaha)

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They're useful idiots. By definition, we can use them to our advantage. As long as we keep "entertaining" them. Many will actually get red pilled. I just started wrapping my head around the multilevel disclosures from the Q team. The trip code numbers referencing very interesting books blew my mind.

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https://archive.fo/PQWIr :

Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 on Twitter: "Trump supporter poll: Do you believe QAnon?"

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Thank you derram

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Do you believe him? How do you believe someone who asks questions instead of giving answers. What the fuck is there to believe? This question needs to be rephrased.

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Replying to your questions, never seen, heard or met you! Bye bye Darkly!.........Blocked!

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Promise not to dox me or cum in my hair?

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Typical libtard/DemonRat - can never make a sentence without profanity! THANK GOD you all LOST! Muhahahahaha......

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And they're obsessed with sex! They're worse than animals!