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It's working now!

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Not for me :( guess its a regional thing? I'm in Australia.

EDIT: just confirmed, now getting a "blocked in your country" message. :(

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That's rotten! I have to say it was a weird watch and I'm used to wading through a lot of really strange things. The writer/producer started in a show as a child. . .so that is creepy considering what we all know about the "preying Upon" factor and the luciferian culture/rituals. He called these historical actors out for some of their evil, but he still seemed enamored with the whole idea of Hollywood. Ick!

Makes me wonder if he was mku and to this day doesn't know. Not sure, you don't always remember everything or it comes back in dreams, bits and pieces that make zero sense.

I watched what I could, it was late so fell asleep for some of it. Was just shocked that someone they all admired as Valentino was such a hedonist, yet women would still go to his shrine or mausoleum to crone after him. Poor messed up souls of Hollywood! I just want the wicked ones to stop preying on Our Children! Praying for more Dark to Light!