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MJ named the Jew and was character assassinated for it. He tried to protect kids. Joe Jackson was the abuser. This is what I've gathered. Think about the media coverage. Knowing what we know now, it fits the theme and makes sense.


[–] darkknight111 0 points 5 points (+5|-0) ago 

There was a CDAN naming Michael Jackson for something disturbing quite disturbing. Jamie Dlux has a vid on it.

Looking at the blind again, I'm starting to wonder if the truth is more complex.

As in "MJ had his demons (likely as a result of Joe), but deep down he tried to fight them." Whether he was fully successful or not in fighting said demons is another matter.


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Mj was likely mind controlled. The way they do this is started prior to 2 years of age. There is a reason they depict that pyramid on the American currency and use it in other scenes to appear the way it does. They pay homage to what the deceiver taught them to obtain ultimate mind control.

It is the crux that connects why pedophilia is important to them and the eye symbology. When you look at brain scans it becomes rather vivid. These people allow themselves to be possessed and give themselves over to satan.

Always felt bad for MJ.