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I'm gonna go out on a limb and call bullshit on this one... Picture nr 4 from the top, the one with the pentagram is from a new movie called 'The Devil's Doorway'... If one is fake, all others are suspicious.


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To add: real skeletons don't hold together like that. That and there is an obvious horizontal seam in the skull. Obvious Halloween prop is obvious.

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struggling to come up with new material methinks...

thing is all they need to do is stick to facts rather than invent over the top stories. then people might pay more attention.

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Doing the legwork for us is definitely worth an upvoat. But goddamn it, now I have to verify your story lol.

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Yeah, I am conflicted should I believe him or watch a movie to prove it myself.

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No evidence of that. Prove that that pic is from the movie. A screenshot will suffice.

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I know that "there are no matches" anywhere on the net for these pics.

Anyone remember Q talking about this? I vaguely remember. https://media.8ch.net/file_store/70fcdd23819ddc8f94537756b453ea788ffa2c17634542d57347362b028bfa8a.jpg

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as dark and sick as all this shit is getting. I'm finding some kind of solace lately. I wonder if others feel it too. Don't worry. It's not strong enough to lul one into a complacency. But there is a feeling. Like standing in the sunshine after days in the dark or indoors. The truth is coming. Stay strong guys.

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Something tells me that last photo is a frame grab from a video. There is a certain feel to the image that doesn't look like the other photos. Something about the depth of field and the color versus the other images. I'm sure AWS will have a contrary opinion.

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I wanna agree with you at first glance. Need more from this anon to confirm or dismiss. Sharp eyes.

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Yeah, unfortunately it has the same look as every pirate site screencap of one of those cheap shitty movies shot on HD video that are so numerous now, trying to pass as a real movie. Someone is attempting to create an aesthetic here. And not in the business of recording snuff. There's a reason porn has such low-effort production values. People watch it to get off on the content, not the artistic framing etc. Gore vids are the same.

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I don't know what "hrc video" is a reference to, but these look like something someone made for a movie set. Hijacking political based conspiracy theories to spread viral advertising for an indy movie would be a clever.

If elites were practicing devil worship and human sacrifice then their satanist lair would be all gilded and fancy as shit. You think that people with hundreds of millions who got rich because they made a deal with the devil would worship satan in a place that looks like a homeless person built it in an abandoned subway tunnel?

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Well Bohemian Grove looks like a piece of shit, as does that owl. Who knows though. You may have a point.

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I'd love to have verification of this, but as it stands, I could post pictures of my couch with 666 markered on it, and it'd have exactly the same amount of validity.

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Images from the HRC video

no pics of Hillary

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Bullshit comes in all types of colors and not all actually come from bulls.

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The pic of the bloodstained bed that's being shared on Reddit right now, is that part of this collection of pics?

If so, why isn't it grouped with them? (If you happen to know.)

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OP posted one more time, I am guessing 8ch has a 4 pic upload limit.






User ID is 703aea and yes, he also posted the bloodstained picture.

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Thanks very much.

Wow, the pic on Reddit, the surgical instruments weren't visible as they are here. Nightmarish looking.

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