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The Cathedral - The Symbol of Paradise

The Cathedral is a figure of the City of God, the Celestial Jerusalem, an image of Paradise, as the liturgy of the consecration of churches affirms.

Its lateral walls are representations of the Old and New Testaments. Its pillars and columns are the Prophets and Apostles that sustain the cupola, where Christ is the center. The stained-glass windows that separate us from the storms and let the light pour over us are the Doctors. The threshold is the entrance to Paradise embellished by stone statues, painted and gold bas-relief sculptures, and rich bronze doors.

The House of God must be illuminated by the rays of the sun, resplendent with charity like Paradise itself, because God is Light, the light Who gives beauty to everything that exists.

Cathedrals are not necessarily Christian, many were constructed by the Templars as mystery schools and were only taken over by the Church after the French aristocracy decided to murder them all rather than pay off their Usury. t Pauls is unusual in that it has a dome. Domes are meant to contain energy whereas steeples direct that prayer energy up into the firmament. My findings are that St Paul’s is built on the site of the main Roman temple to Lucifer, which in turn was built over the site of a Druidic human sacrifice site – thus the requirement to contain the energy. The pentagrams shown in your blog encompass The City of London. The City is an independent, sovereign state and along with Washington DC and Vatican City, they administer the different aspects of Pope Innocenti’s 3 Trusts of the 1400’s, otherwise known as Unum Sanctum. Hawksmoor’s 5 churches are in fact temples in my opinion. which guard and mark the boundaries of the City as do the many dragon statues on the roadways into it. The City is indeed the New Jerusalem as celebrated in that favourite hymn of the same name sung by the Establishment at every opportunity. Its called ‘New’ because the treasures of the ‘Old’ were transported here for safe-keeping away from Suleiman’s sons and daughters. These ‘treasures’ have formed the Capital of Stirling ever since and is the reason why Stirling is the only fiat currency to last more than 50 years – it isn’t fiat, its backed by treasure on infinite value and can be hypothecated to infinity as a result. Its no coincidence that The City is called ‘The Jewish Vatican’ because that’s exactly what it is. Its also no coincidence that the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha family hold their coronations and marriages there. St Pauls is a Synagogue.


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This is very fascinating.