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I CAN'T WAIT for the world to know why Russia stopped the adoption of their babies/children to the USA! I heard over a year ago that it was because of the abuse and killing of them, probably for the cabals pleasure, ie on video and in real life. note* This is just the summation I made when I heard it. ALSO: THIS is just the start: Putin reveals on the World Stage the corruption of the DemonRats, Killary specifically - * CROOKED HILLARY GETS WIPED OUT AFTER OPENING HER DECEITFUL MOUTH! * - ** ** -

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When I first heard why he stopped Russian adoptions, my very first thought was “ why then are his orphanages so grossly underfunded and the kids left without care “. Idk

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I don't know the answer to that as I haven't checked what its like nowadays, but these videos on adoptions are not good:- Russian Adoptions that went wrong in US -