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It's just a freakin book, it's history. Luther preached to them but found them incorrigible and became weary.

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I seem to remember someone else trying that a few hundred years earlier...didn't turn out well. They wrote a really long book about it. lol

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Ah yes, that was, and is, a bestseller..

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If it’s on Reddit, it’s cucked.

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The mod is a JIDF mecha kike for deleting that comment.

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I don’t know the circumstances or why they made those rules. But it’s weird that it’s off limits to say, "We are saving Israel for last - Q." That’s the whole point of Great Awakening. In my book, if Q says it, it’s allowed.

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ya it's known to be compromised and the only reason I check it out because Q links to it. It's reddit, what can you expect.

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**On the Jews and Their Lies, 1543 **


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Shame shame on you for posting there instead of here. Bad bad bad @fuckingmockies!


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They need my redpills. ;)

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Good lad. Don't let free thought be contained.

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' Words of wisdom, Lloyd, words of wisdom...'

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They are very Christian mods and they know the community will be deleted the second anyone complains about anti-semitism. GA on reddit is surface level shit. They allow all types of shills free reign. They have concern trolls and shareblue has already infected and they wont protect. It is as good as gone.

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