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POTUS represents us...and we don't bow.

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Not worried about the not bowing. Even the article says that's not mandatory. And it's a good thing they know it, because Americans don't bow. But the walking in front of the queen... that's something that heads of state shouldn't intentionally do, regardless of who is doing it or where they are. The poor choreography is probably the fault of the protocol officers from both sides, and what directly led to what I'm sure was the unintentionally crossed paths.

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If the queen was worth a fuck she wouldn't let her country be overrun. Fuck her, she can forever stand in Trump's shadow.

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Omg! 😂🤣 He kills me! I’m glad he disrespected that evil satanic child sacrificing bitch!

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Lol that Putin thing always cracks me up..

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Right? Love it! The pic of the sulking queen behind Trump, the pic of the old bag checking her clock.

...and the press is so triggered, right after celebrating their new nubian queen. The tweets making it extra sweet, lol!

Link of the day, thanks @pby1000

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Haha yay @pby1000. 🥇

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Lol. She looks miserable.

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So good. POTUS is killin it lately! Lovin this shit! - We don't bow to royalty!?! Fuck yeah! Especially some satanic blood drinking succubus like that old bitch. Fuck them! I love this.

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I couldn’t have said it better myself! 😂🤣

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America won two wars against GB, so we don't have to adhere to that protocol shit!

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And they dragged us into two other ones. THANKS ANGLOS.

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George Washington and Thomas Jefferson just high fived

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He knows what she's involved in. A Crown doesn't make a monster any more worthy of respect than any other abuser cannibal.

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We fought and won two wars against that crown so that we'd never have to bow before "royalty" again.

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I love Trump for that... he bows to no one! Wish he’d have pushed May down those stairs... bet it crossed his mind!!!!

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I can't be the only one who thinks he walked in front of her on purpose. Even Barry and his tranny didn't bow so that's not unusual.
But turning his back on her and walking in front of her was definitely a statement.

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That's what I was thinking. He probably knows things about her that would make one shudder.

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