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Posted this in the other topic, but its pretty buried. They have a game plan. They need to start cutting mics so they can't interrupt the soundboard recording with their feigned concern for the "rules of the committee".

So...can we just talk about what the strategy is here?

(((They))), with their house niggers, interrupt any line of questioning that would have made for easily digestible sound bites for the American public into KEY AREAS OF THIS INQUIRY. So now it becomes difficult to follow what the hell is happening, "point of order" "point of order" "point of order", ...it is transparent if you know this is all a show.

I want to pay attention, and see if each is assigned a topic/line of inquiry to interrupt or they just start randomly shouting when the treasonous smirk disappears from Strozk face. I swear one bitch couldn't pronounce Strozk name and just mumbled it anytime she had to address him.

Then when their time to speak is given, they make some of the most superficial speeches about how much they hate DJT. In the context of the hearing they look fucking crazy (I don't think I heard a single relevant line of questioning). But guess what, MSNBC knows what they will be showing on nightly news --> Some 80 IQ buffoon appearing to expose what a "farce" this investigation into the FBI is.

They won't win. It is obvious. I will never stop paying attention. I will never forget who was a puppet during this chapter of American history.

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I must agree unfortunately. and these toothless SOB are supposed to represent the people ! fuck em all!

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Most of them were reading scripts... it’s obvious! They are hanging themselves publicly. It’s beautiful.

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I know I'm not the only one who's making a list and checking it twice...but santa probably isn't checking his names against alma maters, campaign contributors, previous jobs, family member jobs, religion, and political scandal/cover-up involvement.

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That’s going to make a great hat/tee shirt very soon...lol.

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Did you notice all the senators who brought up completely irrelevant issues all used to have the Awans as their IT guys? I noticed... What a coincidence.

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Some other points (of order?):

  • Anything Strzok wasn't guilty of because he's not a juror, Lisa Page is guilty of.

  • Strzok let it slip that Comey and Priestap ordered him to focus on MUH RUSSIA over Clinton/Weiner

  • How come info can be leaked to media if questions cannot be answered in hearings?

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And they know that they are on the chopping block next... suicide in certain circumstances! It’ll be all the rage soon.

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Strock's reason for texting his ho, Trump will never be elected, We'll stop it. Because Trump made light of the fact that Kahn's son was killed in combat. We can't have a man of this low grade character as president. Sure Strock. How much you want for that bridge.

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I'll never understand what all the outrage about that khan guy. Trump never referred to him specifically until they created their feigned outrage.

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Wasn't Khan's father, the one with the pocket constitution on t.v., a lawyer for the Clinton foundation? But they made them out to be some random American family. Funny how everything has one degree of separation from the Clintons.....

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Wait until they get to fbi involvement in supplying children for sex... we haven’t even warmed up yet!

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All I could think while watching was: RELEASE THE PEDO PROOF VIDEOS on all that DC SCUM..

and lets see how brave they are.

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After his little creepy shimmy he did, I'm damn near convinced he's a pedo too.

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Ohhhhh ! It’s coming... finally!

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Perhaps. He's what I would call a piece of shit. One thing for sure. I NEVER ever want to have to go up against Goudy and try to lie to him.

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Gowdy has been just licking his lips to take Strzok apart... he’ll be nothing but a blubbering puddle of piss when he’s through...and I’m going to watch every second of this!

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Those southern boys know how to do it right... however you wish to interpret that ...

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I wonder if Page will commit Arkancide tonight... she wouldn’t last two minutes with Gowdy!

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I agree.

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He is the literal definition of a little bitch. I wish I could smash that smirk of his into the pavement and spit on it.

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Bubba and the boys will take care of that for us.. we can send him nylons and lipstick and Vaseline with metal shavings in it... and a towel to cry in!!!

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Damn, I didn't know Bill Clinton had it in him.

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