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Pizza-gate has never been about concern for children. It's been about using concern for children in the most cynical sick way to attack political opponents.

Pizza-gate is also based on several easily disproven lies. Clinton had no idea who Silsby was. There's no coded language in Podesta's emails. There is zero evidence of child trafficking at comet ping pong. Etc,Etc.


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Why do you think Clinton had no idea who Silsby was?


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The Pizzagate Silsby-Clinton connection was based on a claim that Hillary Clinton had known about Silsby and was following her since 2001. That claim is false. It was stated as fact in the very first Reddit post on Clinton and Silsby and Pizzagaters have tried to defend this false claim since then.

Hillary has a LONG history of interest in Ms. Silsby.

The "evidence" put forward for this false claim was an "email from 2001" that showed up in Clinton's email.

The "email from 2001" was not even an email AND it was clearly written in Jan 2010 AFTER the Haitian earthquake had struck because it talks about the 2010 Earthquake..

This document was a PDF file, that was attached to this email, that was forwarded to January 30, 2010 and clearly explains how it was found. The name is nIcrhaitianorphanrescuemission.pdf and a State Department employee found it on the website of one of the two churches involved with Silsby.

The group is called the New Life Children Refuge America Organization (NLCR). Bill Bistransky found the attached "Plan of Action"(P0A) on their web site when he googled that name.

At the time this email thread was started, nobody at the State Department knew the names of any of the Baptists arrested in Haiti. They referred to them as 10 AMCIT which is State Department speak for AMerican CITizens. They had to Google the group's name that came up in news reports There was nothing personal about why the State Deparment monitored Silsby's group. They did it because they they were American Citizens and one the State Department's primary roles is offering consular services to Americans overseas, this is especially true for Americans arrested overseas. If you read that email thread, you can see that it was started by a Consular Affairs officer.

The idea that Clinton knew Silsby or knew of Silsby before she got arrested is just made up.