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Cockney rhyming slang intended, Jeremy Hunt is one of, if not the most hated man in Britain for his record for ineptitude as Health Secretary and maintained by May in the position after a cabinet reshuffle. He has systematically accelerated the decimation of the NHS whilst of course, improving and assisting access to lucrative private contracts for companies of his cronies and cohorts, hence his unpopularity. So May promotes him now, to Foreign Secretary. We are all asking in the UK: what exactly does he have on May?


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Wow, that must be it. He seems "unemployable" based on what I've read about him, and I hadn't even read about the graft you describe. He's probably a blackmailer, I totally agree.


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I doubt may chose him, she's a puppet, was told to place him by the powers that be


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Jeremy Hunt 'asked FGM survivor if she could still have orgasms'


(2017) Jeremy Hunt has been accused of asking a Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) campaigner whether “girls like you” can still have an orgasm.

Nimco Ali claimed the Health Secretary found her via a Google search and that he had no idea about FGM at the time.

“This man is the Secretary of State for Health but he has no idea about FGM and I don’t think he even reads his briefings,” said Ms Ali, recalling her thoughts at the time.

She said: "So I got an email to say ‘will you come in and speak to the Secretary of State and I said ‘yes’ because we need data and the NHS is, like, right at the forefront.

After waiting in his office, Ms Nimco said he walked in "rolling up his sleeve, and said he just did a night shift for the hospital."

Then she said he asked: "What I really want to know Nimco, is, can girls like you have an orgasm?"

She said: It was his first direct question. My reply was: ‘Well, it depends how good you are Jeremy. Because 80 per cent of the clitoris is actually internal, but let’s move’.”

News Roast presenters Heydon Prowse and Jolyon Rubinstein called his question “disrespectful” and “crude”.

But Ms Ali replied: “I think he is privileged enough to ask those questions.”

Am I reading this wrong or shouldn't he have been rolling down his sleeve, if he just got in from the hospital? And not rolling it up as though he was going to "examine" her?

Assuming he didn't touch her, I can't help wondering if he's got one of those naturally hypnotic personalities, able to "cast a spell" over people so they put up with his crap. Like Hitler.

What a weirdo.


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https://archive.fo/jf7Sh :

Trump UK visit: President says Britain ‘in turmoil’ and defends ‘friend’ Boris Johnson | The Independent

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I found the photo of Angelo D'Agostino and WJC in this book preview:

Nyumbani and the Star Thrower by Eric Goldscheider

I was not able to find any more information on the Clintons and Nyumbani.


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I forgot to mention Alefantis' and Clintons' friend Charles DeSantis is President of Nyumbani USA's board of directors:


James Alefantis friends taking children from other countries - Charles DeSantis (works for UN Refugee Agency) by @redditsuckz