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You should look into Jack Burkman and see if he's credible. He has a long history of press conferences that turn out to be duds. https://www.washingtonian.com/2017/11/29/jack-burkman-press-conference-m-reese-everson-went-nowhere/

He claimed to have been shot several times and run over twice by an SUV earlier this year.

He used to be convinced Russians killed Seth Rich. He created this ad with Russian captions last year. https://youtu.be/DBwCNt9bXdc

He also held a fundraiser for Rick Gates who has since plead guilty in the Mueller investigation. He made $40.


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Hmmm. I’ve never heard of him until now. I guess we shall soon see if there’s anything to it.

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Press conference turned out to be nothing burger. Witness did not appear, just called in. The guy who brought the witness to Burkman called the press conference a "bush league, shitshow" and promised never to work with Burkman again. https://twitter.com/RealMattCouch?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor

America First Media Group founder Matt Couch quickly took to a Periscope livestream to distance himself from the event. Couch denounced Burkman on a livestream as “bush league” and “unprofessional,” claiming that Luke was disappointed in how the event had played out.

“That press conference out in D.C. was an absolute shitshow,” Couch said.

After the technical issues were resolved, the much-hyped call with Burkman’s gravelly voiced anonymous tipster didn’t go well.

With the press and YouTube livestreamers crowded around the phone, Luke spun a confusing tale involving two assassins — or maybe three assassins — from the DEA and ATF tracking Rich to murder him and take a thumb drive containing confidential documents. The supposed whistleblower’s story grew as the call went on, with Luke claiming he had passed a lie detector test administered by the Secret Service and that he had also received vague help from the House Intelligence Committee.

Luke wouldn’t explain why anyone should believe him, and he grew flustered when asked to explain his claim that the House Intelligence Committee was involved in his investigation.

“Uh, they helped with… computer things,” Luke said.

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Burkman is a scam artist publicist/lobbyist. An early never Trumper. I've posted about him before but sick of his antics, people can figure it out over time after time that he reveals bubkus.

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OMG... I can't believe I'm agreeing with AWS and upvoating his comment.. ( first time ever? )

Burkman has a dubious reputation and nothing he claims should be taken at face value.

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Could this finally be something big? Please dont let this guy suicide himself or get accidentally blown up

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will be accompanied by armed guards and disguise his identity as he details how two employees of the United States government killed Seth in a press conference slated for Tuesday.

I know. It’s sad when you look on Twitter and see so many people praying he won’t be added to the Clinton body bag list.

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We've been under the impression that it was two MS13 members who liquidated in South Carolina, the following day.

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It could be misinformation/disinformation.

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https://archive.fo/6WsOa :

Jack Burkman on Twitter: "All press should attend my press conference TUESDAY at 1:00PM at the HOLIDAY INN Rosslyn Key Bridge. We will present a witness who brings us close to resolution in the Seth Rich case. #SethRich"

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I missed the press conference. What's the tl;dr? What are the names of the two perps he identified, again?

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The claim was that the two killers were part of Rod Rosenstein's clean up team when he worked in Maryland - the Seth Rich op was small potatoes...

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Crickets. Enough said.

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Absolutely nothing to offer.