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Start talking in public. I've seen opinions start to come out; it's beautiful.

Most everyone knows something, but no one knows everything. Get people comfortable talking openly

There's a coming out party, and its for normal people

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Coming out party for normal people.

I love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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WOOT!! Q says Gowdy is G2G! -

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That’s what I was about to say! I’m so relieved!

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no, no he's just saying Gowdy will be a candidate for optics but wont get the gig

the more important take from this is confirmation that Mueller is about to turn and stab Hillary in the back something chronic (just as Trump did after pretending to be the dems 'pied piper candidate '

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Q says... #GoodbyeDemocrats

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That's only half of the ZOG

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Everyone who down voted you is one of the enemy. Never forget 9/11, not supervised by a Clinton or Obama. Evil is just as happy (maybe more happy) wearing red. Dennis Hastert, the Franklin Scandal ... Fighting evil, where ever it hides, whatever false flag it flies is the opposite of childish partisan politics - a foolish game for simple minded deluded children.

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That's only half of the ZOG

Or as I would call it... A good start.

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Prepare yourself Anons !!

Q is telling us that the Deep State has its roots in NAZI Germany.


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I've explained this before. Hitler's job was to start WWII by proxy for the Jews. This is why Jewish Soviets actively helped him build up his arms. It's the Jewish controlled Soviet union which directly helped push Germany as a world threat. I believe Hitler was a puppet. He didn't realize exactly what was going on. Though it's possible he was willingly assisting the Jews. The internment camps were to protect the Jews from war. It just didn't turn out that way - which still satisfied Jewish need for "six million." Thusly still making the Jewish community happy.

Up until war started against Briton, Hitler was sure they were going to join him. He thought America was going to join with him too. Why would he think this? Only after shooting began did he realize he has been played by the Jews in power. At this point, the Jews got exactly what they wanted - white Christians killing white Christians. Since they controlled much of our institutional learning of history, they got to re-write it. They hid their own destructive history of Germany and the Soviet union. They hid their influence of the US. They hid their control of the Soviet Union. McCarthy was right. They hid their own history of the same claims which pre-date WWI.

Exactly what happened and how it played out I don't fully understand. But what I do know is that few people have the whole picture and truly understand what happened.

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Via communists.

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Fascism is just another form of communism. Both are totalitarian ideologies. Don't forget waht NAZI stood for - socialist workers party.

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Astroturf in 1933

Astroturf in 2018

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So Hitler was responsible for the formation of the US secret police (later F)BI in 1908, the Fed and Income Tax (1913). Riiight. All the isms down the centuries are just masks worn by the ultimate evil over millennia, the principalities, the powers, the rulers of the darkness of this world, the spiritual wickedness in high places.

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Hitler and WW2 is going to be the bridge to that knowledge. ((( HITLER ))) ((( NAZIS ))) ((( FED )))

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lol oh yes its Hitler and never jews. bahahaha

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qmap.pub is another resource as well. Great putting everything together!

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That’s what we used to use but then porn ads started showing up on it for some.

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Really?! no porn ads experienced here and it runs better on my mobile device.

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