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Look at the timestamps.

23:01:44 - 2 shooters

23:02:36 - Room under control, suspect named, 3 females named, check-in and check-out dates transmitted to dispatch

52 seconds.

52 seconds from one unit advising that there are 2 shooters at MGM, meaning 2 guns being shot at that time; 52 seconds to Paddock dead on the floor by a supposedly self inflicted wound, both suites 132 and 135 cleared, suspect and entourage identified, and their travel itinerary apparently given to officers, who then transmitted that data.

52 seconds.

LVMPD my ass, more like Jason Bourne and Chuck Norris' ninja love child.

or it could be fake. who knows.


[–] RampancyLambentRaven 0 points 4 points (+4|-0) ago 

Pretty much multiple shooters soooooo they all need to come clean and tell the world what the hell happened in Las Vegas on 10/1/17.


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what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas