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That is right - Pain Games 2018, sponsored by Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Fox News.

Who cares that Free Speech is dead for the People as long as Trump can still tweet?

Who cares that Americans live in a state of Tyranny while Trump's family bathes in gold bathwater?

Has anyone here ever watched Professional Wrestling where rivals pretend to fight with each other?

Has anyone here ever watched Trey Gowdy, Rand Paul, or other fake representatives bark but never bite?

Has anyone here ever witnessed how attorneys argue in court and then have lunch together?

Trump is not Draining any Swamp. Trump is Making Swamp Deals. We know this to be 100% True.

Trump is a Mason indebted to the Pilgrims. Who is Katie Johnson? When will the world find the real MAP?

The real PAIN could be brought with One Tweet - in fact it could be one word alone.

Trump knows what it is. Will he repent and Save the world with a One Word Tweet?