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You fail to understand the psychology behind having an unverifiable anon "feed" us information. Taking all of that stuff at face value is incredibly naive.

This “anon” that you speak of has us do our own research and come up with our own answers.

Precisely, thats part of how simple, yet clever the psyop is. He uses vague coded language, certain "keywords", and then everybody following, draws their own conclusions on these vague code words, and everybody runs with it! This would be a great way to keep us spinning in a whirpool, sending us off into several different directions, and ultimately stifling our investigation.

Why all of the false promises of imminent arrests and partisan groveling? Q once said, "TRUST SESSIONS" in all caps. Sessions is one of the most corrupt AG's in recent memory, why the hell would I trust him? And why is Q always reinforcing this partisan bias, as if the entire Trump administration is a bunch of good guys, and every liberal is a pedophile bad guy?

Theres so many red flags here, at least enough to warrant skepticism. You do realize the establishment uses fake plants and gatekeepers all of the time, right?


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Once again, you aren’t seeing the whole picture. That’s not what we do. We’re not a bunch of fricken retards. If things didn’t make sense then it wouldn’t be spreading fast the way it has.

Your mind is already made up. You don’t know the facts. I’m not going to debate. It’s not worth it. Believe what you want to.