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Trump (Q) says CIA control of North Korea is wiped. "Strings cut." "Iran next." "This will break the MSM."

"Deal made." "We took control."

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stunning posts by Q... stunning..

I can't wait to see the movie and read the books !!

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It's pretty exciting stuff. It really explains why NK dropped out of the news too! I want to see them put out evidence that the MSM has been LYING for months about NK and their nukes. End them already.

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OK. I just saw where Q says "Iran next" in post 888. Trump needs to get Iran to tell him all about the money Obama sent to them. Maybe Trump already knows...

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Bingo, but Kim Jong Un is probably a deep state actor. Q has just disclosed that Trump actually met with North Korea weeks ago, if not a couple months. Probably around the time we were seeing pics of North Korea from the Air Force One.

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That was last November. Remember how the MSM was playing up a nuclear war threat from NK last August and September? We went from that to NK being the darlings of the Olympics. LOL.

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Yes lol. Gotta love it.

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I expect Dennis Rodman will be there to mediate.

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Israel is the nation state of the globalists that they use to justify having a nuclear and other world ending arsenals. North Korea is just another 3rd world shithole that wanted to be taken seriously on the international stage because without nukes they could easily be overrun.

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DYK, that before world war 2, Korea was a puppet state of the Japanese?

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I didn't but would explain a lot of the tension they've had with the other asians in the area.