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Hi what do you think of this...I posted that same day after sending you a note.. got your note back and decided to just post the thing.

I said it was nsfw because of the last image. I don't know if u saw the post but I had mentioned that I felt like the lwitter board was messaging fuct up shit, sort of like Q messaging good stuff Thats what the post was about but got deleted by moderator @ think who said I posted child porn

The one picture was the last image of the post It's a screenshot of the page of a creepy twitter account that followed me at the same time as it was also #pancakeday. And I had been coopting all the trending hashes so I think twitter was fishing around. Definitely acting fishy. The picture was fishy but I still don't get how it's a link to lorn when I crossed out the links. (?) I was making the realization theres a connection with the trends and what lwiitter was pushing.regarding the little flat chested girl creepy inside joke. and in my post I was backing that up with the image.

It got deleted by @ think and kind who said I linked to child porn. So I took the screenshot and drew on top of the links and covered them, I hadn't thought the links could be illegal on twitter.

If you read my post it's ME making the connection that on this twiitter page that in the little round frame picture is a child and has on a padded bra, too small to really know what you are looking at. With a full on sex ad back ground. Maybe I was shocked.?

It was really weird and maybe I was being careless. But @t hink said I was acting dumb.

I could have blocked out the whole image but then I may as well have not posted that one picture. All because of that one picture. I wish @ think has said your post would be fine without the last screenshot.

You know?

So im banned for posting child porn. And I did not do that.

Which really sucks.

I did repost the same post after it was delieted once by @t hink who said it had links. So I drew on the links which I hadn't paid attention to, or was careless about and I apologized for being sloppy and I reposted.

Then I got banned. they are calling that child porn. Kind makes me mad.

Sad. Detoungued I can't even comment. But im happy to find u here!

You are on it. The pulse. Censorship sucks but by the way..

. The same day someone posted about all these really sleazy forums on voat. Which also makes me suspicious of that because they are more in number than zizzagaterz so maybe they just wanna learn from people who can destroy them. ? And try to survive thrive by making a deceptive joke out of the research community.

Keeping THOSe people scattered. Instead of US SCATERRING THE PEDOS OFF VOAT BY NOW. Anyway s..

I know your into Q and I was listening to cbtsstream about the Marconi scientist s all going dead so crazily. Well check the DYATLOV incident students from URAL POLYTECHNIC all dead in 59. That's a crazy mystery.

Take care talk to u then!

Trying again I geuss I have banned domains in here too. Hee her

3rd time I tried to change all the words it might not be letting me post. Hence the typos. It didn't want me to post you this https:// ooooooo oooooo mHUC?amp=1oooooo


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What kind of website is this? https:// ooooooo oooooo mHUC?amp=1oooooo
I’ve never seen a site like this.


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It's Wikipedia Goofy ! I added the ooooooo is cause it wasn't wasn't posting. I thought you got that.


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The link you crossed out that was showing on the pic was not the problem. The reason it was considered child porn is the picture itself. It is illegal to post images of naked children like that. They had to do the ban because technically you broke the law even if you didn't mean to.