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This is retarded. You can't skip work for whatever reason you want. You have to ask for the time off. Kids already only go to school for half the year so if you can't find the time to take your "educational trip." If you don't want the rules to apply to you then put your kids in home schooling or a private school where they give you that flexibility.


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That's a good point, any break in the brainwashing could harm the corporate stakeholders.

If you send your kids to school, you're fucking them over. Maybe it's for the best though, the global prison system of civilization could be hard to get used to without indoctrination from an early age. The reason to work 8 or 10 hour days until you're used up and ready to be cremated wouldn't necessarily be clear.


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Ya and not all families have the time or resources to homeschool or send their kids to private school. Gotta take whatever opportunity you can to get them away from the public school system.


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I gotta disagree. Parents should have the right to go on trips with their children. Saying that they should enroll in private school or be homeschooled is not right. Not all parents have the time to homeschool their children or the money to send them to a private school. And maybe the parents can only get time off work at a certain time of the year. Also, what if the trip was a family emergency and not an educational trip? What if the kids grandparents were dying and the family left to say goodbye? The parents are the ones paying the school either directly or indirectly through taxes sho they should have the right to say when their own children go to school. The only time I think the school should get involved is if the child is absent from school without prior notification by the parents. If the child is missing too much coursework and will have fallen behind that can be mitigated by having the parents and teachers collaborate. The teachers know their lesson plan for the year. They just need to inform the parents of what work the kid needs to do. To sum it up, the child's parents are it's mom and dad, not the public school system (government).

Edit: also you equate school to a career/job. The children are there to learn, not work. The teachers are the ones working. The children are only required to be there because their parents are their legal guardians.


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fuck you bitch


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You can't skip work for whatever reason you want.

You can, it's called taking a vacation.


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As long as the employer has notice, absolutely.