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Damn man where i come from 10 acres is listed at 110k, you got a mexican problem down there?

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I sure do! Had a half dozen dressed in all black cross just barely north of the property.

[–] Tor1 ago 

Any interest in renting for storage experimenting with freedom modules & keyframes in a large 3d proving grounds, no wierd stuff, I promise.

[–] TeranNotTerran [S] ago 

I'd consider renting it out. What would a freedom module be? Subdivided land?

[–] Reddit_traitor ago 

Why are you selling it ?

[–] TeranNotTerran [S] ago 

I moved up to Idaho and prefer it a lot here. West Texas is way too hot for me.

This property in particular is kind of weird. It's kind of unprotected and visible from the interstate. It'd be a good "toy" property in a lot of ways if say you worked at Blue Origin. But for keeping things protected long term, it's not so good.

If I were to get a West Texas piece of land, I'd rather it be more remote and out of the way, not just off the interstate. Granted, it's not nearly right off the interstate, but if you have a light on it can certainly be seen.

[–] wgtt911 ago 

Van Horn.. where is that...how about some gps coords.

[–] TeranNotTerran [S] ago 

Van Horn, Texas. About 13 miles east of the town.

Want me to PM you the coordinates?

[–] Jambajuice ago 

Does it have septic, well or power?