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I really, truly appreciate what you are wanting to do here. I "mostly" understand your concerns about initial cost in buying greener land elsewhere (not weighing living expense cost over time, but I digress).

I would like to join a group like the one you are planning. Your location requires that I wait to see how it goes for the first few though. I hope you are successful. How much is the land per acre?

I also have some thoughts that might be helpful (or not). Just tossing them out there.

  1. That rancher. He just lets his cattle roam huh? Going to be putting up any fences to keep those cattle out? This may be a problem for you. Perhaps not legally, but very possibly economically and socially. Make nice with that rancher. Talk to him.

  2. This area gets 11 inches of rain over 28 days. This is dry. Water storage should be whatever you think you need multiplied by 3.

  3. Is the plan to plant crops/irrigate on the land or run livestock? A efficient use of the land might be to bury shipping containers to live in and grow food crops in. More stable conditions for comfort of living and a more controllable, high yield, hydroponics growing system in the containers will give anyone living there a more controlled environment, which would make life easier. In addition to that, it would leave the precious little and sparse land above, available for livestock for the citizenry. Interested parties can buy shares of a herd of cattle or goats, or if the nearby rancher still wants to run his stock there, maybe a trade could be arranged.

  4. Looks like a lot of those bushes are creosote bushes. See how they are spaced out? They kill plants that try to grow near them, in order to secure water for themselves. They are also the only thing keeping the ground from blowing away. They are also not a food source.

Just a few thoughts.

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Thank you! Glad to see you reply.

The greener land is very segmented, in practice. So I think we'd have to buy 200 acres or so and subdivide it which would be significantly more expensive. But, probably for a single homestead it would be cheaper overall to start in greener pastures.

Land is about $250/acre in this area. I paid $2,500 for my ten acre parcel.

  1. Yes, the rancher lets his cattle roam. I think his ranch is to the NW and then maybe a mile or two to the SE he has a feed lot that they come to. The cows keep their distance, but I guess you are right that it could be a problem with gardens. I think I'd be more worried about the rabbits so I think whatever solves it for the rabbits will solve it for the cows.

  2. I think you mean 11 inches over 365 days. Yes, very dry. Will need lots of water storage. At least there are lots of wells in the area so I think there are good odds if drilling.

  3. I'll probably have a garden at some point but I think I'll hire someone to do it. I already have quite a lot going on. I imagine some livestock and some gardens. How could you grow food in a shipping container? Would you use artificial light? I think with just soil, water, and raised/protected beds, the open sun will be ideal for most things. And there's no powerlines so enough lighting to work in an enclosed area would be expensive. "Precious little and sparse land above" is not really in an issue at $250/acre, in my mind.

  4. Not sure if they are creosote bushes. Maybe some in the mix. From what I remember there are thorny bushes and non-thorny bushes. I think the thorny bushes are mesquite but I could be mistaken. The cows will eat off of the bushes (not sure if both or not), so somehow they are being utilized. But I agree, they do help keep the land from being blown away. Will probably want to replace them with trees and other plants.

Good questions and comments, all in all. I'll have to identify the bushes more exactly. You may be able to get a better idea from the videos I have of the property on Youtube. Have you seen any of those?

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I have not seen the vids. Got a link?

  1. I think you misunderstand what I'm driving at about the rancher. You are dead center between his properties. He might not like fences, or motorcycle tracks, or above ground structures, or YOU. You do NOT want to make anything but friends with that rancher. http://www.tscra.org/what-we-do/theft-and-law/livestock-laws/

  2. A low half-buried mesh to keep rabbits out won't keep cattle out and the cattle with destroy it. A 4 inch non-climb or barbwire fence "might" usually stop cattle but won't stop rabbits.

  3. That well(s) is priority 1-50.

  4. Do you have mineral rights? There might be silver or copper around.

  5. Yes an indoor garden would require artificial light, however it would be MUCH more water efficient, and have a much higher yield, with rabbits and cattle not being a factor to consider anymore, and being able to produce year round, unlike traditional gardens. Also working the garden would be less taxing for the farmer, saving again water and food. The investment for the security and reliability in food production would probably be well worth it.

  6. Precious little and sparse land is very well what I mean. 20-25 acres per head cattle is...bogglingly unproductive. And that is in a non-drought year where you are talking about. You cannot fence cattle in at such a low production rate/such poor land. They will destroy the land if you try to fence them in. Go to 1.

  7. Trees? lol.

  8. Living underground would be more comfortable physically. You will sleep better and use fewer resources if you are not so hot all the time. This matters.

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would we buy into this land or what?

I've been kind of lurking in this subs the last few weeks.

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Properties in this area should be for sale so you can buy one and have goats nearby. None of them for sale are mine, I have just one out there that I'll be staying at.

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Can someone gimme a tl;dr on this?

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Bunch of libertarian/free market types want to start a community where they can be around like minded individuals and families. No income tax or corporate tax is desirable.

This project evolved from /v/newcountryproject. The goal is true freedom. In time we hope that there will be an interconnected group of communities like this one.

Self reliant, self expanding, self interest.

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Sweet. Will look into this further later. As an aside, have any of you considered New England? New Hampshire in particular?

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"Goat's Gulch" for what it's worth. As in the one Voat Goat that brought it together. Best of luck to you all.

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That's a fair point, thank you. Curious to hear other view points as well.

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that's great and I hope you guys find a good community, but I'm currently in texas and leaving for somewhere cooler as soon as I retire.