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I don't think it's a good idea. 10% is a big cut in my opinion. Also, how long will it be until their CC processor cuts them off? And you know it will happen abruptly.

Also you sound like a shill.


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SBBH calling me a shill? You made my day lol. I don't want my voat post to correlate too closely with when I join, but I suppose it doesn't matter if you think I'm a shill or not.

To me 10% is about fair to have a healthy website with some development and security, assuming the service is good. They have a lot of hated people there, so as I said, I don't think having Voat there would matter much.

We need easier donation options than bitcoin for many users, so that's why I suggest that.


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Easier does not equal 10%. If you have ever processed payments I believe you would refer to that as extortion. I personally think it's too much when a multinational corp wants 3% of my money, much less 10%.

Fuck off, anyone who thinks a 10% scrape is good for Voat is a shill or, best case, stupid. I have an idea: Why don't you promote this statement?

@mightyyetgentle1488, the faggots exist but I don't think they are who you say. Or... Do you support a 10% tax just to donate to Voat?