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With the amount of shill in /v/politics we know that (((they))) are watching us.

They don't want to get caught attacking us directly. Fucking our Google search results hasn't worked, killing our PayPal, DDOS, spamming and hard shilling has failed to take us down. They know we are non-profit and that is our vulnurabity. The plan is to starve us out. We are literally at war with the MSM.

Difference is that unlike a year ago, now we have enough of a stable user base to stand our ground and push back. Ain't gonna be easy but I think if we can overcome this and survive long enough to port voat, they won't be able to kill us, ever.


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After seeing this stuff


Im eager to help more so. Its so obvious also after seeing all the reddit vote counts being reset in plain sight. They wanted to move them while we were considering the funding option. Its great tactics and should be admired really.


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I read that too when it was posted. Fortunately, these arrogant fucks always overplay their hand and reveal themselves.

Voat also has a secret advantage. We have just enough autism to be unpredictable. Notice that all the tactics they have been using against us have gone from offensive to reactive.


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Another thing I find odd is how well the servers have handled this migration. Every other migration, much smaller ones, basically killed the place. Considering how smooth this migration has went it's almost as if they were anticipating it.


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This might be part of the optimisation hes been talking about. That or azure just took it all and charged him more.