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@PeaceSeeker I originally said I could 25, I ended up doing 15/month. All set up for the next year. I'm pretty freaked out about trusting my personal billing information to someone I don't know but it's worth it because I love free speech and I love Voat. Please don't get me doxxed @_@


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I just checked my memos and I recall that you were the one I was supposed to ping today. Now I understand. Thanks again for the pledge!


[–] 9166071? [S] 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago  (edited ago)

I'll update it for ya! And I don't have access to any of your info; just Putt. I'm just a goat. I was originally hesitant to use my own credit card to donate but I had never used bitcoin before and I thought keeping Voat alive was important enough.

It turns out you can buy pre-paid credit cards at convenient stores or whatever and use those to donate anonymously. Might be worth considering. Thanks again for supporting Voat.

EDIT: Oh I see I didn't even have you on this list yet at all. I should say I'll add you, then! You tipped us over the top; we now have over $1000 pledged each month, and that's just from those who are documented here!


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Wewt! Do I get a special hat?