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you know what.... having a goat looking at me like that.... on a ledge that size.... that far up a mountain....

id be backing away very fucking slowly.

slowly climbs back down rope again, goat pokes its head over the ledge

"Nigga do you got any idea what a goat eats?"

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I've noticed there is almost nothing you can do to make a goat happy. That guy is fucked.

Back away, fucked. Go forward, fucked. Try to look big like it was a bear, fucked. Give it an inquisitive stance like this guy is like it was a dog and understands human gestures, fucked.

At that point I would have wished I brought a small pistol because putting it down is the only way you can be sure. Lots of reasons to carry a gun into nature. Usually bears are the typical motivation but this is another example.

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nah.... goats are always happy.... happy being annoying assholes.... that's why we love them

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A buddy of mine hiked to the top of a peak with his girlfriend in CO and came across a momma and her two kids. The kids were curious and started to approach them. They were terrified and slowly back away and lived to tell the tale. Those fuckers will kill you with one butt of their head.

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man i reckon youd need something bigger than a pistol if he was pointed straight at you... anything too small yeeting off his head is only gonna piss him off more.

fire extinguisher hurled at him might do it. piano. long stick and push him off the edge... throw a kaiju at the fucker.

  • Whoever downvoated this has never dealt with a goat and has sure as shit got no idea what bone and bullets do combined. Those cunts have hard heads. They fight by pretty much the same way you did with your little brother, pots on the head and running into each other. Little pea shooter will bounce off the fuckers skull and piss him off more.