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sweet artwork.

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He is g8 Rtist

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U mad? LOL

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Putt is still butthurt his builder and destroyers thing didn't work. He had a hissy, called it all the wild west and wants to punish everyone. He's a child, a shitty admin and a mediocre dev. Fuck that faggoty little bitch.

[–] Inaminit ago 

Spoken like a true asshat who contributes SO MUCH.

[–] PeaceSeeker [S] ago 

What Putts truly thinks or feels, only Putts and God know. Many of decisions or actions or inactions can be criticized, sure, like anyone. But so too can Voat's treatment of him, I think. There has been a consistent presence of entitlement among goats towards him, always demanding, always criticizing, without proper recognition of his position to counter-balance - specifically, that he has limited time and limited resources to devote to Voat, along with limited motivation, and if every time he shows himself around here, he receives insults and disdain, it is really no wonder he spends longer and longer away. I think it is clear that this is precisely the result certain actors desired.

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Meh... besides the obvious resident shills, he did shoot himself in the foot & lost a lot of support he had.

The dumbification of the userbase didn't help :/

[–] MrPim ago 

Speaking of resources, what ever happened to that angel investor? What happened to those positions he was supposed to be hiring for? He supposedly had financial help and was in a position to not be doing this single handed. All that disappeared w/o a trace when he rage quit over the mass ban that he immediately backed out of.

Make all the excuses you want.

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If he wasn't completely spineless he wouldn't have allowed anyone to drive him off a site he has total power over.