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True but it's actually not HARAM if you sell it the tainted goat to a neighboring village!

Wish I was kidding but that is the truth.

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Unless it's other goats, I'd say this is probably factually sound

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is their any platform for dogs here on voat ?

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I assume this meme originates in the recognition that they cant get pussy until they have enough money to marry a virgin and thus possibly resort to goats until then.

given the state of our abortion, birth, marriage, and STD rates being at unprecedented, civilization-threatening levels, it would seem they will have the last laugh. especially since we live in an urbanized world, meaning this practice cant logically be common, i.e. the meme is false anyway.

at the most they'd be compulsive masturbators, totally inundated with pornography and half-nude women everywhere -- unlike us

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This meme originated in the fact that Islam has rules for porking goats.

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Well don't forget moslem's also have rules about eating spouses too.