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They are magical goats. They can be eaten and they will revive themselves in the morning like nothing happened. The only stipulation is that the bones don't get harmed. One of the children being hungry actually chewed through a bone to get at the marrow. When the next morning came one of the goats had a broken leg. Thor starts to get super mad and I won't ruin the rest. Best versions to read are Snorri Sturluson's Prose Edda, or for a more original form, Jackson Crawford's The Poetic Edda. Both are amazing reads. The Snorri version is more like a novel, the Elder Edda/Poetic Edda is more true to the original viking mythology as such it's a little more difficult to wade through and reads like poem.

Edit: If you want to read about kicking a dwarf into a funeral pyre you need to read these books.

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Loki, that mischievous god, encouraged the boy to break the bone to get the marrow.

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I have read several versions of the myth cycle, that's why I mentioned it with some of the high points. I advised Holland's work for it's completeness and readability. I had no intention of re-posting the entire short story, only giving other VOATer a taste and maybe getting a few to read the books on thier own.