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Please re-post this in whatever, this must go beyond v/Goats and v/all.

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This is your album cover. Name your band.

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Do Robots Dream of Electric Goats?... mmm, (((PURE COINCIDENCE)))... Ruber Capillus Capra Aegagrus.

I'm kinda fond of the first, second one is basically an inside joke. The third one would work if you have one of those pretentious "artsy experimental" bands, with like string quartets and a singer that makes up their own language just to fuck with people.

EDIT: I guess, technically, the correct terminology is Capra Aegagrus cum Rubrum Capillus. Doesn't flow that well, though.

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He goat the looks. Also he looks like that guy from "tell me more" meme.

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Warship your un-pretty scabies and very sexual ambiguity devil goat.

Short poem:

Van Gough liike huker,

Kutz off ear,

Yu post Van Goats,

U fukkin qwer.

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Not a Baaaad painting.

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Lol) This is funny)