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They do this on the farm. It’s instinctive for them. Every time I’d go in the barn, a goat would climb up on something so it was “higher” up than me. It’s they’re way of saying they’re in charge, not you. They’ve allways got to climb something to posture to you how your on the bottom rung whilst they’re on top. As soon as you’d leave the barn, they’d get down. Goats are as mad as a box of frogs mind. Some days I’d watch one try and eat the electric fence whilst it was on. It would bite, get shocked, huff and puff and try again. All day it would sit there trying to eat the dam fence whilst it was on. It never learnt. They’re great climbers and make funny noises, but they’re not the sharpest tool in the box. Great picture though...

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I want to read more stories like this from you. /v/goattales should be a thing

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Might be the most inspirational thing I’ve seen on voat

That goat is clearly sending it

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He's a loner, he's a rebel, he's the right goat for the job.

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I had a right good goat that loved to ride in the back of me truck like a doggo.

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