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Here is a farm fact: Pine needles actually act as a de wormer in animals by cutting up intestinal parasites on the way down and out. However, it is also poisonousness to pregnant animals as it is known to cause a high number of self abortions when fed during this time.

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And the branch tips are high in Vitamin C.

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You know, I knew that, but had forgotten. I think Bear Grylls taught me that. He made tea with them.

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And pine needles make goat's milk taste worse than usual. (We raised goats when I was a kid - get it... kid?)

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I would normally give you an upvote, but you do not deserve it because of that last part.

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I went to an Indian buffet and ate goat meat. I did not like it. Now I know why. Goats are awesome!

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Goats love leafs more than grass

Man pulls down tree branch goats come running

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"Just thought it was odd, Blumenthal a non-state employee would be in the same town in Sryia just months before the unrest started"

Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research Where Seth Rich worked at one time... Did Sid realize from previous experiences he was a threat?

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they're like mmmm food!