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Someone really need to go to this and get us some pictures and stuff.


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I can see it now. Two goats step up to take a pic similar to what @adhdferret posted recently from a fair.

Both goats pause, turn to face one another and give the stink eye

Goat 1: You dirty kikenigger.

Goat 2: You retched niggerkike.

Goat 1: raises an eyebrow Hitler did..

Goat 2: The tango with Stalin while wearing nothing but a tu-tu.

Goat 2: The main stream media...

Goat 1: Is the public relations firm for your moms escort agency.

Goat 1 and 2 in unison: Amalek is a dirty jew!

Goat 1 and 2 in unison: Faggot!

The two Goats then spent the afternoon taking pictures of goats in funny hats. Beer was drank. And for an afternoon, all niggerfaggotkikedom was forgotten.


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Praise Be #Blessed!