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Maybe living in a house with humans instead of outside with goats is giving that goat anxiety.

I hope you find your natural environment.

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He has to go baaaaaaack

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Living in a house leads to anxiety for basically all mammals. Humans especially.

Being outside cures anxiety in almost everyone.

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Supposedly this goat is blind. She gets anxious because she can't find her owner and then leans against a wall and cries.

My guess in the duck suit feels similar to having another animal brushing up against her, so she calms down.

The owner now has a second goat, which has pretty much solved the first's anxiety.

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So you're a trans duck.

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This actually makes sense. A lot of anxious animals benefit from having something tightly (not too tightly) wrapped around them. Check out thunder shirts for dogs and cats. Warning: For some animals, they become more anxious and aggressive like this! It's sort of like the good feeling of being wrapped in a blanket.

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Goat sized duck... kek

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Not near as bad as the human flesh-suit I have to wear to calm down....

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I know the feeling.

--Screwy Duck