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You retarded boy?

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Get a mistress. Works great.

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Lol. Best advice yet.

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What a load of horse shit.

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Oh god that was unreadable.

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Can I just get a summary for a friend? I don't want to read it and I can't trust he will.

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Get your shit together. Once you're busy with wife, kids, job, friends, meaningful human interactions - that addiction will slowly just fade away.

Although personally I swear more to just substitution treatment, picking another poison.

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I actually got dumber just having skimmed that article. Cease. Desist. Only brainwashed christ cucks incapable of independent thought cry oceans over porn.

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All these low-T soyboys get offended by seeing a naked woman

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Christ cucks especially. Werent humans allegedly made in gods image? Catholics are the most fail in regards to being scared of womens bodies. No wonder all their priests can only get off by diddling young boys.

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Porn = trannies

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Porn is unhealthy, but there needs to be some release. Replace it with regular sex; if you can't get laid, get pussy by any and all means.

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  1. Buy a sex doll

  2. Fuck your sex doll instead of watching porn

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Paying for porn or a sex doll is pure failure. I'd have more respect for someone who frequents actual prostitutes. At least those whores are doing work for $. They don't call it the oldest profession for nothing.