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How is this gentlemen only shit? This entire article is telling you how to be a beta. Mate guarding isn’t beta that’s alpha. You won your girl with charm and impressions, you guard your progress. Girls like that shit too, when you are protective. Article writer is an incel.

Fuck off with your SJW cuck shit.


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Uh no. There ARE appropriate times to be "protective" but in normal social situations you should not need to. If you feel you need to always or even a lot you are prone to cheating or you subconscious is telling you something. If it's only around certain people that could be different.


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The author uses the example of seeing a guys hand on his gf's ass and thinks that is mate guarding. When in reality, he likes the feel of her ass and she probably likes hes ass being felt. I do it all the time. Because he uses that as an example, I'm going to have to say this is written by someone that has never had a gf before and wants men to be more open to letting the betas give it a shot at their gf.

A man should be confident that his girl is with him and only him, but not a fool.