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Good riddance.


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Her views were... Questionable. But getting her fired for her opinion is such scum sucking contempt for free speech. If this really was Gamergate, it's a black mark on the whole movement.


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She was in PR for a large company. She did not shed the company in a good light, and in fact brought lots of negative PR with her pro-pedophile comments. Why would any company want to keep someone like that in their spotlight? This is a perfect example of when there is good reason to let someone go because of things they said. If she worked in the warehouse and made questionable comments, I'd agree, who cares? Give her a slap on the wrist and move on. But not when she is their PR rep.


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This. I've worked PR before, the first thing that got drilled into me was pretty much: "You are the face of the company. Even when you're off the clock, you're still being associated with the company. Don't do or say anything that would put the company in a negative light or damage it's reputation. If you do, you're fired."

Rapp did the equivalent of standing in the middle of a fire screaming about how she couldn't be burned and when it did end up burning her, she started crying about how it was unfair.


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I didn't want to see her fired. I wanted to see her raise up in the ranks of Nintendo and become an essential core of Nintendo. Shame Nintendo fired her because she took a second job. edit: guis i was being sarcastic