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Before you hit that downvote button, hear me out.

Well buddy thanks for reminding me I have that option. Great way to open this topic up.

Obviously there is at least some desire for a feminist take on gaming and right now virtually all of the feminist gaming sites are unethical, rely on clickbait, promote (or make excuses for) censorship and in many cases even promote hate and intolerance.

Obviously? From where? because this is the first time i am hearing this. Where is your analytics. Here let me help you out buddy: oh shit... you mean to tell me no one is searching for this. WOAH! Google Must Be Broken Right? oh wait. try this link. Seems to be working just fine.

This niche feminist sentiment isn't just going to go away, nor should it. In my eyes, all viewpoints on gaming should be welcome as long as they are ethical and don't promote censorship.

idk man these stats I just posted say different. It doesn't even appear like something to invest money & time into it when there is absolutely zero interest.


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Gamergate killed Feminism in gaming.


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Someone is getting too deep into those YouTube SEO classes.