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I hope Lauren Southern gets the chance and is willing to press charges, these fucknuggets keep acting like their feelings allow them to justify doing and saying whatever they want.

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She just got a new youtube show on Rebel. So far there has only been one episode where she discusses video games with Adam Conover. It's a little weak but it's her first show and I'm sure I'll get better. I'm sure watching it and sharing it would help her out.Link


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those guys are so hoping that if they stick up for them those fat pink hairs gender fuid kin will put out and then finally lose their virginity


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When that girl made <fakequotes>science</fakequotes>, I got a bit scared. There are really people like that.

But hey, I commend them for debating in a civil manner. It was a heated debate, but the only thing that was attacked; ideas.

Lol though, it really is an example of buzzword arguing vs. facts. This Lauren Southern was super solid. Every time she caught them in an obvious and perilous contradiction, they fell back to "oh, my feelings" and "have you been raped"? Christ. 'Omg, she won the debate? I'll dump my drink on her!' It's like the opposite of the superbowl.


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Awful behaviour as we have come to expect. Why can't these people be civil?


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It's disappointing to watch Lauren get so flustered by the absolute lunacy shown by the2 people she was talking to.
It is very difficult to keep a cool head and challenge the ideas when the person speaking the ideas is so obviously being dishonest and manipulative.

I consider it a Pyrrhic victory that when all the talking was done the only response was to resort to violence.
Not an ideal outcome, but it really does show the straight up insanity these people appear to advocate and encourage.

Given enough exposure and time I'm sure Lauren will gain some Hitchen's level skill when talking to people who are acting so selfishly.


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The women she was debating didn't attack her


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Using the same hot rhetoric used against gamergate people; if one does it, all do it.

But I do take your point.

And to use a similar diversion/dilution tactic: Why hasn't anyone denoucned publicly the attack? If they haven't denounced it they must support it! /s

The cheers from the group as a whole make plain for all to see that the SJW types are all for violence when it goes their way.


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Lauren Southern for President.


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Unfortunately she's Canadian.


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Our moral superiors.

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